Our Ovens

The TERRACOTTA ovens are the product of top technology applied to great craftsmanship and experience in cooking that only the MADE IN ITALY label can proudly dare to guarantee.

After over 30 years in the sector of products linking fire and cooking, armed with great enthusiasm and the desire to make an international wave, the Umbrian company Sistemi SCM has created a line of products that combine top technology plus designer and functional materials and shapes with the warm heart of a natural, fire-resistant product whose extraordinary cooking features cannot be found anywhere else on the market.

Refractory terracotta ovens in various sizes to assemble and insulate. Suitable for any setting, thanks to their robust steel structures they make use of the most up-to-date technology and the finished ovens are ready to use.

The result: TERRACOTTA, the extraordinary line of ovens for NATURAL, TRADITIONAL COOKING.

Wood ovens

    • For indoors or outdoors
    • For basements, kitchens and gardens
    • For cooking pizza, bread, cakes, vegetables and roasts

    Prepare food like in the olden days!   Refractory terracotta wood ovens are one of the most ancient tools for cooking and preparing food. Refractory terracotta is an excellent natural material for accumulating heat. Thanks to its gradual release, it guarantees ideal cooking especially for pizza, bread, cakes, vegetables and roasts.

Certified for Food Preparation

The Terracotta Ovens respect the regulations on materials and objects in contact with food (MOCA).

According to the European regulations in force, objects and materials in contact with food must not transfer large quantities of components to the foods which can:

  • be a danger for human health
  • result in an unacceptable modification in the composition of the food products
  • result in the deterioration of the food’s organoleptic characteristics.

Our ovens are certified for the preparation of food.

See the Certificate

Refractory Terracotta

The REFRACTORY TERRACOTTA ovens are made of a particular and precious natural clay mixed with top quality, pure ground refractory material and water.
All the elements of the oven are dried slowly in a room with mobile ventilators that constantly move the air.
Once dried out, they are fired in a large insulated oven for at least 5 days at over 1000°C.
The bases and vaults obtained at the end of this process are so compact and hard that this prevents the future contamination of any food cooked inside the ovens.

The finished material used in the ovens is CERTIFIED for the preparation of food, meaning that the food cooked inside them can be eaten with complete peace of mind. Meat, pizza, vegetables, bread and cakes can be cooked at the right temperature and to the right cooking time thanks to the TERRACOTTA’s great and unique capacity to withhold the heat and slowly release it, at length, without any sudden changes in temperature.


  • it is a natural, hand-moulded material
  • the bases and vaults are dried and fired slowly to make the material more compact and prevent any contamination during cooking
  • the oven heats up more quickly and retains the heat longer
  • once accumulated, the heat is released slowly, thus guaranteeing perfect cooking
  • it is certified for food preparation, so the food cooked in it can be eaten with complete peace of mind

• Ready-to-use terracotta and stainless steel outdoor wood ovens.

Certified for Food Preparation.

The ready-to-use oven can be stood on or built into a base indoors or in the garden; it has remarkable insulation and an extraordinary accumulation and slow release of the heat that permits long cooking times without the need to add extra wood.
The oven is heated by the flame directly striking the stainless steel, so that everything is ready for cooking in less than an hour.
Uniform and constant heat retention and distribution, perfect cooking with the REFRACTORY TERRACOTTA base for food preparation. A gas burner can also be inserted in addition to the tradition wood burning. It is an indestructible oven with the best, most up-to-date technology, combined with terracotta, a natural and eco-friendly material, where the food comes into contact with the heat.

The TC FI is available in three different sizes. Upon request, it can come with wheels for easy transportation.
Choose the best ready-insulated, ready-to-use oven. No worries!

Difference between Refractory Terracotta and Refractory Lining

The difference between an oven made of refractory terracotta and a normal refractory lining is immediately evident in the photo seen here. The compactness and lack of concrete in the mixture used for our ovens guarantees total peace of mind during cooking as no toxic materials can ever mix with the food.

Gas burner

Upon request, a gas burner can be inserted in all of our wood ovens so you can cook using either gas or wood.

Handcrafted product

  • Top quality, certified raw materials
  • Every element of the oven is handmade
  • Product quality control